A dream comes to life!

Cynthia Depecol

The pairs of opposites are always in play. The loss of her mother brought to life a beautiful, bright, blossoming business directly from a dream the daughter had one early Spring morn. In this dream, her mother appeared in white velvet and as snowflakes fell softly around her, she smiled sweetly saying she would be blowing a fresh new business the daughters way, as a gift. 

A light hearted happy gift, for all the years of serious and important holistic life coaching the girl had done—for all the hundreds of people she had and continues to help, though the mastery of her own ability to be fully "in" the world and not "of" the world. With her talents, the mother said, with her wisdom and childlike curiosity, with her living intuitively and humbly, she would experience a playfulness and heightened success that would please her greatly. The girl fell back to sleep and slept dreamily through the whole next day. That Sunday was a day to remember!

That very week, Artisan Bags was born! A mission statement was created and a business plan put together. Three artists appeared in the strangest and funniest of ways, eager to paint a trial bag. A perfect canvas tote bag company was discovered. An LLC was formed. The very first flower, fruit and veggie bags were painted and an invitation to the local beautiful farmers' market was received. Wow, what fun! 

Everything important to the girl was part of the business from the get go. Beauty; eco consciousness; reusability and multi functionality because it's the time in history for that; helping artists and stretching her own comfort zones. And for the first time since her sweet mother's passing almost a year before, she felt her mother as a new breeze blowing her long hair back, and in the eyes of each artist; in the images she chose; in the flow of how easily and effortlessly each piece of the business was moving forward. Amazing grace for sure.

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