The Beat Flows On

Cynthia Depecol

The heartbeat of this beautiful business invites a steady pulse of joy, beauty, synchronicity and challenge. It flows forward in magical and wonderful ways. Steadily drawing in artists, customers, festivals, markets, ad invitations and new people to join in the creative process as it stays true to its mission statement. Steadily offering the growing pains necessary to build a solid foundation and upward trajectory. Steadily offering flecks and flickers of opportunities too big to consider in this moment where the business is only months old, yet hint at the bigger dream. 

Being a new kind of entrepreneur requires inner fortitude, humility, determination and decidedly consistent dedication. It asks to allow all kinds of different personalities to be heard, deeply respected and honored, and made to feel happy with whatever aspect of the business is theirs to enjoy. It is an artistic business. It is a feel-good business. It is a highly creative and unique kind of business. At the very same time, it is a serious and important business. For all kinds of reasons. In all kinds of ways. It requires order and organization, observation and optimism. It invites an enduring commitment to being environmentally friendly in as many ways as we can, as well as creating a high value for our customers to enjoy a beautiful, excellent product. This new business wants wisdom and childlike curiosity, detailed attention and the peaceful allowing of people to come and go from it, at times that may be very inconvenient. It wants high levels of energy at all times. It wants to glow. Not too much to ask...

Sometimes a girl's just gotta take a swing break to feel and create space between the earth and sky! To shift perspective and allow a new paradigm to reveal itself.   

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